Our Story

Hey there plant lovers!

We know you're obsessed with surrounding yourself with gorgeous greens not just for the beauty, but for the daily dose of calm, joy and zen your plants provide. But finding the perfect pots and accessories to keep your indoor oasis thriving in an eco-friendly way can be so frustrating!

Trust us, we've been there too. We know the pains of finding planters that actually help your plants thrive, or pulling together an urban jungle that not only looks good but also nourishes your mind and spirit. It's not an easy task!

That's why we started Planterria. As longtime houseplant enthusiasts and interior design junkies, we were on a mission to make plant parenting as fun, stylish AND therapeutic as possible. We know firsthand the POWERFUL effect growing greens can have - lifting moods, reducing anxiety, and bringing tranquility into everyday life.

At Planterria, we offer a stunning selection of sustainable pots, planters, hanging gardens and more - designed by experts who understand both interior design and optimal plant care. Our products are handcrafted from recycled, repurposed, and natural materials to help you cultivate the most mentally nourishing urban jungle, while caring for the earth too!

We're just a couple of plant fanatics who want to see you thrive in your indoor gardening dreams and live your healthiest, happiest plant life. Our passion is sharing the healing joy of plants, gorgeous eco-conscious design, and helping YOU become the ultimate plant parent!

Ready to elevate your home with soothing greenery and positively impact the planet? Browse our collection. We can't wait to chat plants and welcome you into the Peaceful Planterria Jungle!