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Keep your plants hydrated in style with our charming Watering Can collection! Choose from vintage-inspired galvanized Metal watering can designs, delicately crafted ceramic Watering bell pieces, and handy Small watering can sizes for indoor plants. Water with ease using our creatively shaped Water globes that deliver the perfect amount. Or pick a charming Watering can decorated with floral patterns to brighten your watering routine. With a variety of materials like metal, ceramic, and glass, our functional yet beautiful Watering can collection makes plant care a breeze. Browse now to find the perfect indoor or outdoor watering can!

Watering Can FAQs

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor watering cans?

Outdoor cans are bigger to hold more water. Indoor cans are smaller for houseplants. Indoor cans also come in more decorative styles.

How much water do I give my plants?

Enough to moisten the soil but not make it soggy. Let excess water drain out the bottom before returning a planter to its dish. Don't water again until the top inch of soil is dry. Check out our blog post for more tips on proper watering techniques for houseplants blog post for more tips on proper watering techniques for houseplants.

What are water globes used for?

Water globes slowly release water to plants so you don't have to water as often. Just fill the globe and stick it in the soil. Great for when you go away! Check out our blog post for more tips on using watering globes for plants

How often do you fill water globes?

That depends on the plant and globe size. Small globes may need refilling 2-3 times a week. Bigger globes can go 1-2 weeks between refills. Check soil to see if it's dry.

What is a watering bell?

A watering bell thumb pot is a unique watering feature you hold with your thumb. Also called a controlled watering can, it gradually waters plants through tiny holes in the bottom. This prevents overwatering and root rot. The charming bell-shaped design releases just the right amount of water over time. Discover more about using this ancient yet clever device by reading our blog post on watering bell pots for houseplants.

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