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Elevate your space with our charming Best plant wall mount indoor options and Unique Wall Planters Indoor! Choose from beautiful ceramic wall planters, handy garden walls, and succulent wall planters to artistically arrange your greenery. Display lush succulent wall planters or let vines cascade from metal wall vases. Use geometric ceramic wall planters to create living art. Perk up boring walls and brighten any room with our selection of mounted planters and Plant wall mount indoor pieces. Browse our wall planter collection now to unleash your inner gardener in style!

Wall Planters FAQs

Do wall planters need drainage holes?

All planting containers, including wall planters, should have holes to let excess water drain out. Without bottom holes, water gets trapped and can rot the roots. If your wall planter lacks holes, you can keep the plant in a nursery grow pot with drainage, and place the grow pot into the wall planter as an insert.

How do you hang a ceramic wall planter?

Ceramic wall planters can be heavy, so use sturdy hardware to hang them securely. Screw metal hooks or brackets into wall studs if possible. Chain, rope, or wire attached to the hooks helps distribute the weight. You can also use heavy duty command strips or adhesives made for hanging ceramic planters. Just clean the wall area first.

Are wall planters good?

Yes, wall planters are great! They save floor space and let you arrange plants creatively on walls or fences.

Can you put real plants in wall planters?

Definitely! Wall planters are made for displaying live plants. Just be sure to use potting mix and water the plants when needed. Real plants thrive beautifully in wall planters.

What plants look good in wall planters?

Succulents, ferns, herbs, and trailing vines work nicely. They look pretty cascading over the sides of wall planters.

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