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Discover our orchid pots for healthy, happy blooms! Choose from our selection of orchid wall planters, orchid pots with holes, and large orchid pots with holes. The orchid wall planters are great for displaying cascading Phalaenopsis. All our orchid pots feature drainage holes for air circulation so roots stay healthy. Pick our handcrafted ceramic orchid pots with holes in unique glazed designs. The large orchid pots with holes provide plenty of room for large orchid varieties to grow. Whatever your style, find the perfect orchid pot here to bring exotic orchid beauty into your home!

Orchid Pots FAQs

What are orchid pots?

Orchid pots are containers specially designed for growing orchid plants. They are characterized by having excellent drainage and air circulation to meet the needs of orchid roots.

How do you repot an orchid?

Carefully remove the orchid and loosen old mix from roots. Trim any dead roots. Put in new orchid mix, gently settling the roots. Don't pack it too firmly. Water well after repotting.

Do orchids like pots with holes?

Yes, orchids generally do prefer pots with drainage holes. Good drainage is important for orchid health, as these plants do not like to sit in wet soil

What size pot is best for orchids?

Orchids like pots that fit their roots. Don't use pots that are too small or too big. Choose a pot that lets the roots grow for 1-2 years.

Do orchids like crowded pots?

No, orchids don't like crowded pots. They need space for their roots to grow. A pot that's too small can make the roots crowded. This is bad for orchids. It can stop them from blooming well. It also can cause diseases. It's best to repot orchids before the roots get too cramped. Give them a little more room to be happy!

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