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Discover our exclusive collection of head pots for plants that bring artistry and allure to your botanical displays. Each face plant pot is a meticulously handcrafted face pot for plants or head plant pot, with sculpted facial features and vivid lifelike detailing. Choose from a range of beautiful visages, from trendy modern head planters to macabre skull pots. Our head pots allow you to showcase greenery and succulents sprouting from hollow eyes, mouths, and foreheads for an avant-garde display unlike any other. Make a statement by planting your favorite florals in one of these imaginative face planter pots. With our selection of playful, whimsical, and haunting facial planters, you can find a distinctive vessel to liven up any space. Browse our unusual head planters designs to find the perfect pot with personality to show off your own creative flair!

Head Pot FAQs

What is the best plant for a head pot?

The best plant for a head pot is typically a small succulent or cactus. They're easy to care for and look great in these unique containers.

How do I create a focal point with my head pot?

Create a focal point with your head pot by placing it in a prominent spot in your garden or home. Surround it with complementary plants or decor items to draw attention to its unique design.

What is a face planter?

A face planter is a pot or container shaped like a face or head. They add a playful and artistic touch to your garden or indoor decor.

How to plant in head pot?

To plant in a head pot, start with well-draining soil, add your chosen plant, and water sparingly. Be careful not to overwater.

What is the best thing to put in the bottom of head planters?

Put a layer of small stones or gravel at the bottom of head planters to improve drainage and prevent root rot. This helps excess water escape.

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