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Elevate your farmhouse style with our charming planters and accessories! Choose from galvanized metal watering cans, and window boxes for vintage farmhouse charm. Display cascading greenery in our rustic wooden planter boxes and concrete pots. Use our reclaimed wood wall hangers to artistically arrange your collection. With natural materials like terra cotta, woven seagrass, and tin, our planters and accessories effortlessly create cozy farmhouse decor. Browse now to find the perfect farmhouse accents to define your outdoor spaces and grow luscious potted gardens!

Farmhouse Decor FAQs

What is a farmhouse style decor?

Farmhouse style is cozy, rustic decor inspired by old farmhouses. It uses natural elements like wood, metal, and plants. Think worn woods, vintage finds, and neutral colors.

Where should I place planters in a farmhouse home?

Set planters on front porches, patios, windowsills, and entryways. Clustering different sized planters looks cozy. Place them on wood surfaces like tables or shelving. Let trailing greenery spill over the edges for a charming look.

What makes up the farmhouse look?

Farmhouse style includes things like wood furniture, galvanized metal, exposed beams, wire baskets, linen fabrics, and antique accents. Natural, earthy elements give it a warm, rustic feel.

How can I make my house farmhouse style?

Use wood and metal furniture and decor. Add neutrals like white, tan, or gray on the walls and soft fabrics. Put up shelving using reclaimed wood. Display potted plants, woven baskets, and vintage-looking items. Give it a cozy farmhouse vibe!

What types of planters work in a farmhouse style?

Rustic, vintage-looking planters fit farmhouse style well. Galvanized metal buckets and watering cans make trendy planters. Terra cotta, ceramic, concrete, and wood planters also suit the natural, earthy aesthetic.

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