Collection: Eclectic Decor

If you're looking to add some whimsical personality to your space, come check out our far out selection of eclectic home decor. This collection is totally tubular!

Our eclectic finds are designed to bring good vibes and mad style to any room. Mix colors, textures, eras and cultures to create a space that's all your own. A little bit vintage, a little bit quirky, and a whole lotta cool.

Eclectic Decor FAQs

What is an eclectic decor?

Eclectic decor is a style that combines elements from various design styles and eras, creating a unique and personalized look.

What are the elements of eclectic style?

Elements of eclectic style include mixing furniture styles, combining contrasting patterns and textures, incorporating personal items and art, and embracing a sense of individuality and creativity in your decor.

What is the difference between boho and eclectic?

The main difference between boho and eclectic decor is that boho tends to have a more relaxed, free-spirited vibe, while eclectic incorporates a wider range of styles and periods.

What are eclectic colors?

Eclectic colors can vary widely, but they often include a mix of bold, contrasting hues alongside neutral tones to create visual interest.

How do you make an eclectic look?

To achieve an eclectic look, blend different design elements, such as furniture, decor, and artwork, while maintaining a cohesive color palette or theme.

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