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Bring a free-spirited vibe to your space with our boho plant pots and planters! Choose from beautiful Large boho planters to display trailing vines and flowering bushes. Decorate your walls with creative Boho plant wall hangers showing off greenery. Use our multi-level Boho plant stands in natural wood tones to display succulents. Or pick brightly colored plant pots and planters with eclectic embroidered and geometric patterns. With our collection of indoor Boho plants decor pieces, creating a relaxed bohemian inspired oasis is easy. Browse now to find the perfect boho planters and holders to unleash your inner boho spirit!

Boho Decor FAQs

What is boho decor style?

Boho style is relaxed, earthy decor inspired by bohemian cultures. It mixes textures, patterns, and colors for a free-spirited vibe.

What is boho vs bohemian?

Boho and bohemian mean the same thing. They refer to artistic, carefree, nonconformist lifestyles and the relaxed decor style those cultures inspired.

What is the element of boho?

Boho decor includes elements like woven textiles, floral prints, macrame hangings, faux fur, wood furniture, potted plants, and unique artifacts.

What are the main colors of bohemian?

Earthy neutrals like tan, white, gray and black. But also bright colors like turquoise, teal, purple, red and orange. Lots of patterns and textures.

What era is boho?

Boho style originated in the late 1960s and 1970s. It was inspired by hippie and nomadic cultures at that time. The casual, eclectic look is still popular today.

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